EPDs from Raufoss Aluminium AS

Raufoss Aluminium AS takes environmental responsibility seriously and is among the first producers of aluminium profiles to document the environmental footprint of products through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). An EPD is a third-party verified document describing a product's environmental performance throughout its lifecycle.


Our profiles and products gives the lowest CO2 footprint of the industry We believe in transparency and are pleased to share our EPDs for our aluminium profiles, which are published on EPD Norway's website.


We have created two versions of EPDs for our aluminium profiles. One is based on aluminium with a low CO2 footprint, guaranteeing a maximum carbon footprint of 4.0kg CO2e per kg of aluminium bolt. The other is based on a European average aluminium bolt. EPDs for these products are also available on EPD Norway's website.

Our EPDs cover all phases of the product until the usage phase. As the EPD shows, the raw material is by far the most significant factor, contributing 97% to the carbon footprint in the product phase. We source our raw materials from Norwegian foundries, ensuring the shortest possible transport and using suppliers that utilize renewable energy sources in their production. All process waste from our production is returned to the foundries for remelting into new raw material. Remelting requires only 5% of the energy compared to primary production.

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