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Raufoss Aluminium is here to realize profile solutions that meet your requirements for function, quality, precision, and economy. The earlier we enter the development process, the better you can leverage our experience, expertise, and resources.


Aluminium profiles are produced through extrusion, a technique that offers almost unlimited possibilities to customize the design as needed and integrate functions to reduce costs through fewer details, less machining, and easier assembly.


We aim to combine the role of a profile supplier with that of an active collaboration and development partner. Feel free to contact us early in the process so that together we can develop a profile solution optimized for function and economy.

The entire production process begins at the drawing board, where the profile takes shape and integrates desired functions for easier assembly, minimal machining, and lighter assembly. All the benefits of aluminium and extrusion technology are utilized to create a product with optimal function, appearance, and overall economy.

We have resources to assist you in the construction and development phases. Our technical customer service, product development, and industrial design departments help with profile design, function, and production adaptation.

We can also provide suggestions for market and user-adapted design as well as functional and environmentally friendly solutions. In our advanced 3-dimensional CAD environment, we can create your profile solutions, test machining moments, and assembly solutions—all without producing tools and prototypes.

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