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Raufoss Aluminium is a market-leading supplier of extruded, machined, and surface-treated aluminum profiles and components. We supply products to various industries, with a focus on Automotive. Our main markets are Norway and Sweden.

Located in Raufoss Industrial Park, we have been a key player in Norway since our founding in 1964. In 2013, we transitioned from Hydro, and in January 2024, we changed our name to Raufoss Aluminium from Hydal Aluminium Profiles.
Our commitment to quality and expertise has ensured long-term and strong customer relationships. Collaborating, we develop and enhance products based on aluminum profiles.
With expertise in Automotive, we ensure efficient processes for both us and our customers. We specialize in delivering custom and standard profiles with various machining options, surface treatments in anodizing and powder coating facilities, and modern logistics solutions.
Our extrusion capacity is 30,000 tons per year, with presses ranging from 1200 to 7000 tons, capable of producing a wide range of products. Our 7000-ton press is one of the largest in Europe, specifically designed for advanced and demanding products and hard alloys.
We take pride in our sustainability profile, boasting one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the industry, documented in our EPD documents available here.

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Raufoss Aluminium

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