Aluminium is a lightweight and strong material with outstanding energy absorption properties. Reducing emissions is crucial for the automotive industry. With extruded aluminium profiles, lighter cars can be produced, leading to lower fuel consumption and, consequently, fewer emissions.

Raufoss Aluminium has delivered quality products to some of the most renowned and quality-conscious companies in the automotive industry for many years. Our unique expertise, extensive experience, and commitment to product development have given us a strong position in the market.

We are also at the forefront of deliveries to the electric vehicle market, reflecting our dedication to innovation and sustainability. Our product range is wide and tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry.

We supply aluminium profiles for bumpers, crash boxes, and battery boxes for electric cars. Additionally, we produce suspension components, brackets, and fuel manifolds. We also deliver a variety of aluminium profiles for chassis components, including components for electric vehicles.

Raufoss Aluminium is certified according to IATF-16949 for automotive customer deliveries.

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