Sustainable aluminium profiles

At Raufoss Aluminium, we focus on environment and sustainability throughout the entire value chain, from purchasing of raw materials to manufacturing and delivery of finished products. Our production is based on aluminum bolts, manufactured in Norway, were we have the world's cleanest energy.


By using local 100% clean hydro power, we demonstrate one of the industry's lowest CO2 footprints, as documented in our EPDs.


Aluminium is known as the green metal, offering unique opportunities for environmentally friendly product solutions. It reduces weight and energy consumption, and its unique properties often lead to reduced maintenance costs and increased durability.


We continuously  focus on improving the production process, being ISO-14001 certified, and our employees strive daily to find solutions that reduce consumption of energy, oil, and plastic.

 Our surface treatment facilities are located next door, enabling simple logistics solutions and minimizing road transport.


Raufoss Aluminium, together with our partners, is committed to a sustainable future!

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