Renewable Energy

Environmentally friendly power generation, such as solar cells, wave power, and wind turbines, also requires sustainable manufacturing.

Raufoss Aluminium is a proud supplier of aluminium profiles to the ever-growing renewable energy market. Our range includes profiles for solar systems, wind turbines, and power masts.

Aluminium is the preferred material in the energy industry, used in everything from electric chargers and power distribution to solar panels. This is due to aluminium’s unique properties: low weight, high strength, minimal maintenance needs, and recyclability. These characteristics make aluminium the "green metal" that an increasing number of people choose for their energy solutions.

Extruded aluminium profiles are an efficient solution in the energy sector. They are lightweight and flexible, allowing for quick and efficient installation. This helps reduce the overall costs of energy solutions, making them an attractive choice for anyone looking to invest in renewable energy.

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Renewable Energy

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