Surface treatment through powder coating provides a decorative and corrosion-resistant finish. Powder coating comes in various gloss levels, including metallic and textured variants. Powder suppliers continuously develop exciting effect coatings, limited only by imagination.

Surface treatment with powder coating provides a technically sound surface and a visually appealing finish. We offer powder-coated profiles from modern and environmentally friendly production lines.

The processes are approved according to the requirements of the German GSB standard, developed to meet technical and visual requirements for aluminium, primarily used in construction.

Profil-Lakkering AS is the only company in Norway with GSB certification. Profiles are pre-treated in an environmentally friendly multistage dip process. Process water from this line goes in a closed loop through a vacuum evaporator before being returned purified to the line. This is a water-saving and environmentally friendly process.

The powder coating itself is highly environmentally friendly and is applied to profiles in an electrostatic process where excess powder is recycled. Immediately after powder application, the coating is cured to meet the requirements set in the GSB standard, ensuring that the colour and gloss remain beautiful year after year.

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